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Love was in the air....

Ellie did by the end of october have a succsesful date with the very handsome Uno - selfproclaimed King of everything.

These two have very nice personalities and good temperament is one of the most important things for us to breed for in the Basenji. They are both of good health, dna tested and have been judged to excellence by several international judges.

In our future puppy buyers we would like active homes that let the Basenji blossom and try all he and the owners find interesting, there is nothing a Basenji cant do. But there is a lot he will not do if it doesn´t suit him that day. The famous Basenji words to live by: "what´s in it for me?". Often some treats are enough to make them try just about anything.

We would also prefer someone who has knowledge of the breed, either by reading up on the breed or beeing owned by one earlier. It is important to have knowledge and understanding about the Basenji beeing a primal breed, that meaning the breed does not train similar to retrievers or other pleasing breeds. It also means they have a different metabolism and should for instance not be fed high protein feed that is considered a good feed for other breeds. The knowledge on Basenji feeding is somewhat unknown in the general public (and it varies in veterinary medicine) therefore one should always seek advice with a serious breeder. We are happy to help if needed :)

With proper feeding and dna testing of animals used in breeding- the basenji is an overall healthy breed. Breeders all over the world work together to keep this treasured breed safe and healty. We recomend owners examine the eyes in adulthood and x-ray the hips after 18 months.

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