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Puppies or puppy? A change of plans.

This is Diva when she was still with her breeder <3 Our plans of having our own little Diva rascals this winter is not going to happen.

In a total shock I received the news of Diva having hip dysplacia. Luckily the mildest form, but it still excludes her from any future breeding plans that I did have. Both her parents have AA hips, she has never been injured, her feeding and training has been well and varied, and she has never been overweight. All the markers of having a dog develop HD is simply not present - but still Diva has CC hips. In the Basenji HD rarely appears. If anything - this shows the importance of dogs beeing x-rayed.

We are heartbroken, but happy she is ok and most likely will not have any problems with this in the future. Due to the outcome of her results she will also be retired as a showdog as showresults no longer is of importance for Zibaro Basenjis. Diva is superhappy about those news - she doesn't really like the showring. She loves beeing outside the ring tho and will attend as a cheerleader in the future shows nearby :) Another of her many talents is that she is fantastic with puppies. Hopefully she will have the role of raising a puppy that is not her own in the near future :) We'll brush the disappointment off our shoulders and focus on keeping "dollface" happy and healthy, we love you ninni!

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